Muicin Germany

Muicin Germany Makeup Blend Sponge Puff

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Made From Non-Latex Material, Soft Feeling, Well Bouncy Beauty Sponge

Gives You A Perfect Makeup Application, Avoid The Waste Of Cosmetics.

An Edge less, Reusable, High-Definition Cosmetics Sponge For Flawless Makeup.

For All Kinds Of Cosmetics , Foundation, BB Cream, Powder, Concealer, Isolation, Liquid, etc

Dry Use:
** Available For The Application Of Powder, Blusher, Highlight, Shading, Etc
** Apply Evenly On The Sponge Surface.
** Tap To Create A Natural Makeup Look.

Wet Use:
Wet The Application Of Milky Or Creamy Products. Foundation, BB Cream, Lotion, Concealer And Others.
Use A Paper Towel To Squeeze Out Excess Water Until No Water drops Fall Before Applying.
Gently Blend To Reduce Unnecessary Waste.